“Hygge” in Denmark

The origins of Danish “hygge”
What is this phenomenon in Denmark entitled “hygge”? It appeared in the writing in Denmark in the late 18th Century and the Danes have embraced it ever since. One good thing about “hygge” is that you can apply it to any situation. The Danes commonly use it for any event, and for any occasion. It means something like “well-being”.


The high season of hygge
The high season of “hygge” is Christmas. The religious holidays are time for the Danes to take a break and enjoy their “hygge”. From December 1st, across the whole country “hygge” beats and Danish decorate and prepare for Christmas. As winter is known to be long and dark, Danes fight the darkness with their best weapon: “hygge”, and the millions of candles that come with it. You have no idea what the Danes can do with lighting, mulled wine (known Glögg for residents), blankets and oversized scarves.


‘Hygge’ during the summer
And even during the summer “Hygge” is something that happens. The sun reappears and right away is opportunity for the 5.6 million Danes to picnic outside, to go barbecuing with friends, listen to outdoor concerts, participate in street festivals and cycling in the good weather, and spend some “Hygge” time with their relatives and friends.