The differences if your were born in Denmark and not in France

During your life

In Denmark you would use the Danish crown, in France the Euro.
You would sing the national anthem, « Der er et Yndigt land » in Denmark instead of the French « Marseillaise ».

You would live in Copenhagen, the capital of 1 million inhabitants, and not in Paris where reside nearly 10 million people. In Denmark, there are 5.6 million inhabitants compared to 66 million in France.


You would speak Danish but also fluently English. 95% of the Danish population is bilingual English, or trilingual, German or Swedish. In France, the English language is mastered by 20% of the population.

In Denmark 80% of 25-64-year-olds have graduated from upper secondary, vs. 70% in France.

You will work up to 67.5 years in Denmark against 62 in France.

You would live an average age up to 80 years in Denmark where in France you could hope to exceed the 82 years.

One has fewer men per woman 0.96 in France, compared to 0.97 in Denmark, so the chance to find ‘shoe at your foot’ decreases slightly if you live in France.

You will be twice as likely to catch the HVI in France than in Denmark, as 0.4% of the population in France contracts it, versus 0.2% in the country of the Little Mermaid.
Your contributions to the Danish Army will amount to 1.17% of the Gross National Product, whereas in France it will be 2.10%

You will have 1.8 children per woman in Denmark, in France the figure rather equates to 2 children per woman. The same Danish woman is represented in the Danish Government at 37.4% where in France the political participation of French women amounts to 26.2%.

In Denmark, unemployment was slightly lower at around 4.2% in 2016, its lowest level since 2007. When in France the 10.5% unemployment rate was exceeded in 2016.

While in Denmark you can admire the national monument, ‘The Little Mermaid’, which is 1.5m high, France offers its worldwide famous ‘Eiffel Tower’ which reaches a staggering 324 meters in height (including antennas).

So where would you like to live now?