You want to do business in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland or France? The way of working, the relationship with time, the relations between colleagues, the relationship to power, the management and collaboration are not the same. You notice the differences without decoding the behaviours related to specific cultures. I propose to deliver intercultural training when working together to better succeed in your interactions and your collaborations.

My added value

I deliver cross-cultural trainings for businesses and international organisations all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France. I am born in Copenhagen in Denmark and have a professional background which has been built in international development consulting agencies for more than 22 years. Previously I have lived and worked in Denmark for more than 20 years and currently have lived and worked in France for more than 30 years.

I speak English, Danish and French fluently, and train in the 3 languages. I propose my skills and my knowledge which are:

  • Substantial experience of working in a company and knowledge of its management codes;
  • Extensive experience in training engineering and the pedagogy;
  • Strong emphasis on the Scandinavian-France axes
My objective

We live in a world where people, goods and information move faster and faster. Companies are the first to be affected by cultural differences and they impact the performance of the teams. Increasingly engaged in international projects, companies of all sizes are confronted daily with cultural differences. Multidisciplinary and multicultural teams are being formed. Mobility projects are increasing, as are fusions and acquisitions. The challenges of intercultural communication and management are becoming strategic. My mission is to support companies interested in exchanges between one or all the Scandinavian countries and France in their development projects, or who want to organise or reorganise their teams efficiently and conduct changes in the behaviours.

My approach

I propose a support relying on 3 axes:

A balanced and effective pedagogy, including a rich theoretical contribution, based on disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, sociology and history, and a pragmatic, experience-based and language-based input of the company

A customised proposal tailored to your needs, in line with your philosophy and your corporate culture

Varied modalities adapted to the needs of the trainees, with typical face-to-face (inter-company or intra-company) and distance training (conference call or Skype), concentrated or spread over a temporal arc defined with you.