Professional career
  • Trainer in Intercultural Management company ‘Abildgaard’
  • Responsible for an intercultural service – Intercultural company in Paris
  • Carsat Limousin Poitou-Charentes, Director of Communication
  • Limousin Expansion, Territorial Marketing & Communication Department
  • Regional Development Agency -Project Manager
My values
  • Diplomacy, application, and seriousness
  • Experience, Educational Sense, Taste of Transmission.
  • Cosmopolitan, Listening to and understanding the other person and point of views
  • Proposal Force, Reactivity, Innovation.
My skills
  • Strong initial training in applied foreign languages and management at HEC Paris
  • More than 2,000 people trained within both French and Scandinavian companies
  • Managerial skills acquired in multicultural contexts
  • 25 years in international development consulting agencies
  • Excellent educational and facilitation skills
  • Interactive animation in the form of interactive role-playing and quizzes, group work and personal development work
  • Training and animation in French, English, Danish and German